Creating a home is a personal process and it is vital that everyone involved feels comfortable. At Saal Design, we request an initial meeting with prospective clients to introduce ourselves and give both parties the opportunity to gain a sense of chemistry.

Following this introduction, we discuss the project's design brief in full and begin to form a better sense of how the home will be used. Details such as whether or not a client entertains frequently, has pets, children or elderly parents are all taken into consideration. We discuss preferred styles, atmosphere, colours and even how long clients intend to live in their home.

This approach enables us to tailor our service to best suit the unique needs of a project:

Expert Advice - design consultations, rates per hour.

Design Concept only - moodboards and design solutions, rates per room.

Concept to Completion - design concept and project management (surveys, quotations, drawings, schedules etc), rates per room.  

Supply only - RRP for any goods purchased through us.

Please contact us for more information about our scope of services.