Established by Sarah Ahluwalia in 1988, Saal Design create luxury residential and commercial interiors. Based in Leamington Spa and operating throughout Warwickshire and the Cotswolds, we offer clients a total turnkey service, from concept to completion. The team at Saal Design are proud of our reputation for creating interiors of outstanding quality; carefully considering functionality, budget, scale and personal taste to create spaces that are visual representations of our clients and their history. 

Sarah Ahluwalia, Saal Design owner

SARAH AHLUWALIA (ah-loo-wol-ee-uh)

Sarah has over 30 years experience within the world of luxury interiors. Her father was architect Jim Roberts. He was famous for pushing architectural boundaries, most notably with his design for the Rotunda in Birmingham. Her mother was a dealer in nautical antiques. She has spent her entire life surrounded by art & design.

After meeting artists such as Barbara Hepworth as a youngster, Sarah was inspired to study Fine Art at Central St Martins in London. Upon graduating she worked as a watercolour artist and gallery curator but soon discovered her interests lay beyond the canvas. Combining her creative skill with her inherited knowledge of architecture, Sarah decided to establish her own interior design studio - Saal Design.

Sarah's work has a refined yet eclectic aesthetic. Her process incorporates a personal and relaxed approach, along with practical and commercial considerations. Sarah finds inspiration in the world around her, in textures - both natural and architectural; in coastal landscapes, botanical geometry and in the human creations of art and structure. Through her family and travels she has developed a deep appreciation for Indian culture and design and enjoys incorporating these influences in her work. She is inspired by the way humans have created spaces for themselves throughout history; from the bustling bazaar to the universal desire to find sanctuary and calm.  


The team at Saal Design are guided by principles of ecology and sustainability. We utilise and up-cycle our clients’ existing furnishings where possible and seek out natural, durable materials with which to design. We believe in developing lasting relationships, with our clients, suppliers and contractors, and are very proud to support local craftspeople and artisans.

We take this conscientious approach to design in order to deliver results that are personal, balanced and timeless.