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The last few months have been cold, gloomy and wet. Spring is a time for light and colour and new beginnings but it’s been difficult to get into the spirit while playing this game of Russian roulette with snow storms and rain. With all the grey skies and monochromatic days I wanted to seek out inspiration in the form of colour and pattern; to shake up the system and discover something new. I returned to photos of a trip I took to Marrakech towards the end of last year. They were full of life, bright colours and innovative design. They reminded me that although making bold choices can often feel daunting, the pay off when done well is the greatest.


Colour is probably one of the first things I think of in relation to bold interiors. Opting for dramatic colours over relatively safe lighter neutrals can feel like a risk, but a strong wall of colour can be incredibly effective. Darker hues help create a feeling of space while also creating contrast, allowing other colours and textures in the room to pop. Just like a black box theatre, dark walls also allow you to invent a dramatic and impactful space through clever lighting.

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Brighter colours with high levels of pigmentation used cleverly alongside more neutral colours can be very exciting to play with. Pairing flashes of zesty limes or tangerines with greys or whites can create an energetic and dynamic environment and of course - intense blues with bright white have always been a winning combination. 


I have been seeing some really interesting use of tiles recently, in kitchens and bathrooms in particular. Tiles are a great way to add some pattern and character to a room. I especially like these examples of more traditional Islamic and Spanish tiles alongside contemporary fittings. The bright colours and graphic patterns paired with simple solids create a look that is bold and unique without being overwhelming.

Image via  Tim Barber

Image via Tim Barber


Geometric tiling is also a good way to make a statement. Tiling really is an opportunity for artistry. I find mosaics and ceramic work incredibly inspiring. Beyond the skill and craft, I think it is their architectural history that captivates me the most. Hexagon and herringbone tiles are great shapes to add interesting bold lines into a space while maintaining sophistication. 

Image via  Mandarin  Stone

Image via Mandarin Stone

Image via  Domus

Image via Domus


Being bold with your furniture is all about stepping away from the run of the mill and being brave and unique in your selection of strong statement pieces. Bright sofas or armchairs are are very effective in order to make an impact in a room however colours aren’t the only way. Finding or commissioning items of furniture that are truly individual is another way to achieve a strong look.

Image via Love Your Home

Image via Love Your Home

Image via  Julian Chichester


Large scale artwork is a great way to make a statement. Dramatic photography, whether stunning landscapes or beautiful portraits can be very striking. Colour and texture in artwork are also things to consider when selecting bold pieces of art. Splashes of colour attract the eye while textures offer a more visceral experience. Even in small spaces, picking abstract pieces so big that you can see swipe of the paint brush, creates energy.

Photo/Artwork:  Marcus Aitken

Photo/Artwork: Marcus Aitken

Artwork by  Francoise Nielly

Artwork by Francoise Nielly

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