The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Recent studies have shown that people, whether they are relaxing, working or sleeping, are starting to spend more time in their bedrooms than in their living rooms. This is especially true now that Autumn is upon us and the nights are drawing in. It is a room that can have a big impact on our physical and mental well-being and it is important that this is taken into account during the design process. 

As the name suggests, the bed is the most important element of the room. We spend a third of our lives in bed and the quality of the rest of our time depends completely on the comfort of that third. The mattress is where the majority of your money should be spent and should be seen as an investment. Get the best mattress you can afford, you won’t regret it. I recently discovered that a company I deal with, ‘Robert Langford’, make mattresses so comfortable I almost fell asleep on one in the middle of the Decorex trade show floor. However, if you're limited by budget you can still find luxurious comfort by combining a less expensive mattresses with a topper.

Photo:  Artilleriet  Linen:  Caravane

Photo: Artilleriet Linen: Caravane

Image via Unknown Source

Image via Unknown Source

The next essential item is sheets. When we sleep the body naturally cools itself down to help us achieve deeper relaxation. Therefore, it is important for air to circulate so that we don’t overheat. 100% natural materials will allow your body to stay cool and breathe - cotton sheets are great, linen sheets are even better. Take a look at Caravane and Society if you are really serious about your bedding. Their products are stunning and feel amazing. Caravane in particular have a beautiful range of colours. For those looking to spend a little less, check out H&M…I know this fast fashion retailer isn’t the most obvious place to look for quality bedding but surprisingly they have beautiful 100% linen sets for extremely reasonable prices. We can also manufacture bespoke linen if you can't find what you're looking for on the high street.

Our sleep space should be a sanctuary. A place to settle our minds and unwind. An important step towards achieving this is making sure the colours work in harmony. Finding inspiration in natural stone and wood is a great place to start. A neutral scheme of whites, creams and warm greys always work well as a base, especially if the room receives a lot of natural light.

Design & Photo:  Amber Interiors

Design & Photo: Amber Interiors

Alternatively, if your room doesn’t get much light then it is usually better to take the tone darker.  Darker colours absorb shadows and don’t need as much light to look their best the way lighter colours do. They blur the boundaries between the floor and wall, creating an intimate yet expansive atmosphere. Deep rich hues of green, blue and grey are best for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Avoid anything too intensely vibrant as these can have the opposite effect, causing the body to feel engerized and unsettled.

Little Greene, Scree 277 & Shallows 223

Little Greene, Scree 277 & Shallows 223

Image via  Fromental

Image via Fromental

Creating the perfect bedroom atmosphere has a lot to do with lighting. Soft and warm lighting is great for calming the system down in the evening. Where possible I recommend a dimmable light fitting for ultimate control. The ideal set up involves ceiling lighting and a couple of bedside lights. Wall sconces with swing arms or adjustable heads are great if you enjoy reading before bed as they allow you to direct the light. Of course, candles and lanterns are also a beautiful way of introducing a natural and relaxing glow.

Once the essentials are sorted, it’s time to have fun with some decoration! Scatter cushions and headboards are opportunities to get creative and add a bit of colour. Go natural and rustic with some reclaimed wood or go extravagant and luxurious with upholstery and studs. A throw across the end of the bed is also a great way to add some texture.

Image via  Lowes

Image via Lowes

Make sure that your use of accessories is minimal. One of the easiest ways to create a perfect bedroom is to avoid clutter. A minimal, clutter-free bedroom helps the brain recharge and is proven to reduce stress. Keep things simple and use your space wisely. 

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