Wood is definitely one of my favourite materials to work with and something that constantly inspires me. I think that the authentic purity of wood is something that is hard to find in other materials. There is a certain comfort in creating with a material that has been used and been consistently useful for centuries.


At Saal Design we have been lucky enough to be able to create some beautiful bespoke furniture and woodwork for our customers. The wood used and crafted has enriched every design, whether it be by giving it a strong foundation, a magical solution or simply that indescribable wow factor.


I recently saw these wooden headboards whilst I was searching for some fresh ideas and instantly wanted a willing customer to design one for. In relation to my previous ‘Old Meets New’ post a lot of these are rejuvenated pieces of woodwork which add a beautiful unique quality to each of the rooms.


I love a good table and I find it hard to beat a well-crafted wooden one. It is something that can make a bold and practical statement.


Of course one of the best features in a house can be the one that everyone walks over. A wooden floor can give so much to a space. I recently had a new wooden floor in my living room and upon completion the whole house felt like it had been transformed. At the moment, I am really liking the wider panels and innovative finishes.


Unlike in fashion, when a new trend comes along every 6 months it is not so easy in interiors to simply ‘get a new wardrobe’. The aim is to find those staple items that one will love for years and years. Wood is one of those staples. It is adaptable and reliable and a material that I’m sure will continue to a inspire me as a designer for many years to come.