It can be very easy to underestimate the power of lighting in a design scheme, whether that be from a stunning statement fitting or some subtle downlights. Lighting is closely connected to our emotional and psychological reactions, therefore, if a scheme is wrong many of us will feel it straight away- which will, in turn, impact how the rest of a design is received. I find lighting so inspiring to work with as it is so diverse. It can be the spectacle of a room, enhance a design or even give a room an alternative atmosphere at the flick of a switch.


At Saal Design we have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to design bespoke light fittings for our customers. The fittings have really added an extra special touch to each design and enriched the branding of our commercial projects.


Stunning light fittings are very much pieces of functional art. They can be mesmerising and intriguing and will add a unique touch to any design. It is very easy to find over indulgent statement pieces that drip in opulence however, I often think that simple elegance is far more dramatic and effective.


Industrial designs are currently very popular within interiors and especially within lighting design. I like this style as it combines strong design with the raw necessity of light. As I said in my previous post, Old Meets New, I love combining older styles with contemporary ones and I find it very satisfying using industrial fittings as a part of this. There is something very fun about using a product that was originally created for its functionality within an environment of high design.


Good contemporary lighting design can be timeless. I think contemporary lighting offers a wide range of applications from a bedside or desk light to a pendant fitting and can really add that finishing touch to a space.


Sometimes the best kind of lighting is when you don’t even notice its source at all. Hidden lighting is a really fun way to subtly decorate and light a room simultaneously.


Lighting design is evolving rapidly and huge steps are constantly being made towards energy efficiency and greater lighting control. I am constantly inspired by the aesthetic and technical developments and always look forward to discovering new pieces of lighting art.