Established by Sarah Ahluwalia in 1988, Saal Design creates luxury residential and commercial interiors. We offer clients the total turnkey of services, from concept to completion. We have established an enviable reputation for creating interiors of outstanding quality, along with excellent value for money, to reflect the needs of the most discerning of customers. Based in Leamington Spa, we are proud to support local craftsmen and artisans, with whom we have developed long standing relationships, in order to deliver results that are personal and unique.


SARAH AHLUWALIA (ah-loo-wol-ee-uh)

Sarah Ahluwalia has over 28 years experience within the world of luxury interiors but has spent her entire life within the world of art and design. Her father was architect Jim Roberts. He was famous for pushing architectural boundaries, most notably with his design for the Rotunda in Birmingham. 

Inspired by her father, Sarah studied Fine Art at Central St Martins and Kingston University. After graduating, she worked as a watercolour artist and gallery curator before discovering her passions could be fully realised as an Interior Designer.  

This background has afforded Sarah the unique ability to approach her work with the creative freedom of an artist alongside the technical awareness of an architect. Sarah aims to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical to the client's daily life.